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How many times do you see this on LinkedIn? How many times do those companies and individuals go to a large collection agency? It is easy to to feel under pressure when it seems that everyone under the sun is promising to collect your debt, after all, you just want your money and those sales people at the big companies promise to collect. Some even promise to collect free of charge!

So you give in and pass it to said large collection company, then you sit back and wait on a call to say they have your money, however, the call is only to inform you that as the debt is disputed they can’t collect! What then? They will probably recommend you pass to solicitors who charge hefty hourly rates to consider the documents and build the case.

So it now looks like passing to that very nice sales person is going to prove expensive and you start to wonder if there was a better option? Is there still a better option?

Yes, there is, and the better option is to refer to someone with years of experience in all aspects of credit management, someone who will deal with your debt from start to finish, consider all documentation, build your case and make recommendations to minimise the risk of this issue recurring in the future.

It is an option that will be much cheaper than paying solicitors hourly rates.

Pass your debt problem to JMS Credit Consultancy we will be open, honest and transparent in our pricing, our opinion and your options.

We will never guarantee to collect any debt, no one can, what we can do is:-

  • Check the status of the debtor at the outset
  • Consider all the documentation (if disputed)
  • Consider the best options for collecting the debt
  • Discuss those options with you.
  • If it becomes obvious very quickly that the debtor is not going to pay, then we don’t see the point in continually chasing, as it only delays obtaining a resolution.  There is also a good chance that if the debtor is not paying you then they are not paying other creditors. We need to act before they do!
  • We will discuss the options open to you. It may be that this option is the way forward, let’s the debtor know we are serious about being paid and results in payment.
  •  We may recommend legal action, we will put your case together, we will manage the legal action on your behalf and provide you with regular updates etc.

Whatever approach we decide upon, you can be sure we will only ever act in your best interests, we will advise of costs upfront and seek your approval.

We only have one objective, recover your money as quickly and in the most cost effective way that we possibly can.

In line with the late payment legislation, we will apply interest, compensation and our costs to the debt total.  There is also an option to recover your reasonable internal costs of chasing the debt.  This is a very grey area as reasonable (as far as we are aware) has not been defined in either English or Scottish law.

So, act now, let us show you how we differ from our competitors.


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